Upstream Bespoke solutions

-  Definition of the antitrust compliance kind of solutions for the particular firm.

If needed,
-  Creation of Codes of Conduct, Codes of Ethics, Codes for third parties
(Suppliers, Distributors, Business partners), …

-  Creation of regular upstream pro-business messages for Field teams and Managers.

-  Creation of FAQ’S and QUIZ of any kind and for any field of Antitrust.

-  Creation of Videos, Booklets, Dairy, Newspapers, …
-  Creation of Antitrust Do’s & Don’t.
-  Creation of Newcomer Antitrust Welcome Package.
-  Creation of the Intranet Antitrust sections.
-  Creation of Letters sent home address, Posters, press articles, scientific articles, …

-  Supply of Quick Compliance check-lists.
-  Supply of Manager Compliance officer hiring check-lists, …

At the end of it, Counsels and Lawyers are able to proceed to the global antitrust audit of the firm.

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