-  Determination of all the fields to be covered by the Antitrust training program.
-  Creation of the Pilot compliance training program.
-  Supply of tools necessary for recovering the feedback of the Pilot program from Managers and field teams.
-  Determination of the core principles for the effectiveness of the training program of the firm.
-  Adaptation and creation of the 8 steps for an effective antitrust training program.

-  Bespoke creation of the whole media set for the antitrust training program.

-  Creation of the Antitrust TollBox for a direct animation (by you) or for an indirect animation (by us) of the training programs for your Field teams and Managers.

-  Creation of the different versions of the antitrust subjects covered by the training program (Learn by doing [LbD] + Learn thanks errors [LtE] + Learn with questions [LwQ] + Learn untill succeed [LuS].)

-  Creation of specific E-Learning and serious game solutions.

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