DOWNSTREAM solutions

-  Creation of regularly updates for field teams and managers using all kinds of technologies chosen by clients (FROM basic e-mails and Intranet messages TO short videos and tweets).

-  Creation and distribution of Business Opportunities Newsletters (following NCA decisions and fines, for a third party intevention in the NCA or Commission investigation process of a notified merger, after a proposal of remedies, when a new legislation is passed, …).
-  Antitrust notion refreshments during the year and doing echoes to concepts learned during training programs by Field teams and Managers.
-  Creation of Best Practices, Tips, …
-  Creation of Executive summaries for top management.
-  Creation of short, pragmatic and very visual graphic sheets about antitrust news in the world.

-  Creation of dedicated anonymous Hotlines, Helplines, Letterboxes, Mailboxes and Web Chats as a risk-tracking system for firms.

-  Tools for Objective and Subjective evaluations of the compliance program supplied.
-  Tools for auditing the compliance program supplied.

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