Pragmatic Antitrust COMPLIANCE

We help firms, counsels and law firms of all sizes with bespoke ANTITRUST COMPLIANCE programs.
All solutions we are creating are pragmatic and business oriented. The goal is to ENGAGE field teams and managers to comply with antitrust day-to-day rules. We supply all the best and most meaningful media to achieve it.

The most relevant qualities we have heard about our solutions was « simplification », « adaptation of the team », « pro-business vision » and « real bespoke solutions ».

Founder’s word : Arnaud FOURNIER

« After more than a decade working on antitrust compliance, I have seen only three main problems that can be solved easily :


1) It is very rare for Field teams and Managers to hear about the PRO-BUSINESS VISION OF ANTITRUST LAW… which can absolutely be the case (when the rules are masterized !). This, has consequences about the the leaning and the way they are going to attend trainings.

Arnaud Fournier Consultantitrust

They all think that Antitrust is just DEAL BREAKER. There are many ways to fight this established fact to greet Field teams and Managers positively before trainings, for us to see antitrust law as a PRO-BUSINESS TOOL. This is fundamental here. Few are paying attention to this and this is the reason compliance programs are generally not really efficient.

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2) Usually people creating compliance programs do not have simultaneously « COMMUNICATION skills » (French law Universites and law schools do not provide presentation courses, speaking courses as well as audiovisual support mastery) and « TIME » to design such a complex program.

Then, we usually inherit placebo compliance programs (let’s say « without any active agent »). Field teams or Managers left trainings just as they had come. They are usually not ENGAGED to comply with antitrust rules because usually not PERSUADED to comply with antitrust rules.

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3) Even with the best antitrust compliance training program and the best trainers, there will still remain a big problem, which is called the « forgetting curve » or the « sleeper » effects.
Everybody forget what he learned few weeks or months later.

Means that, even if you succeed to persuade and engage people to comply with Antitrust rules, they will forget concepts and day-to-day reflexes very fast and then not being engaged anymore few weeks or months later. This is very common effects which are not confined to law training programs. The best and/or the most costly antitrust training programs can’t do anything about it.

I hear sometimes my clients talking about the annual quiz indicator AND the very good results showing that Field teams and Managers had succeed. They generally conclude with « … this is the proof that they understood, learned and can apply antitrust rules every day ».

This is probably true, but this also can be just an ILLUSION!

Indeed, I think there are two methods to bring down a fever: treat yourself (e.g. training, learning) or manipulate thermometer (e.g. the annual evaluation quiz). The second one suppose that you can have the control of the thermometer… which is (sorry to say it) usually the case (do not underestimate Field teams and Managers). It is then highly necessary to UPDATE REGULARLY during the year the cases explained during training programs. This is just an appeal to common sense.

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